Manny Aroyo

Black and White Beauty

Photo of my cuzin in law on the stair well of the Zlot

Roof top beauty...

Photoshoot on a parking lot rooftop in detroit

Fountain of Youth and Beauty

Photo shoot by the water fountain downtown detroit

A Dame to Kill for...

My try at the Sin City style.


First try at levitation photography.


Sometimes you want to choke someone.

No Trespassing!

Beauty will take your soul.

Bow Down

Friend Sam in a big purple chair.

Getting Ready

Fixing herself.

Rose color eyes....

Flower power vision....

Eyes never Lie

Preview of photo shoot with friend Sam.


Smiling always leads to bad things....

Sheet grab....

Some more from the Boudoir shoot...

Dont keep her waiting...

First ever Boudoir shoot.

Getting Ready

A persons reflection is subjective to the subject looking at it.

Dangerous thoughts

Taken with my Iphone 5s touched up with VSCO CAM.

Flower power...

Peace to the world....

Creative Thought

Friend modeling

Stop and Think

Friend of mine.

Night Out

Photoshoot with Ashley

Baby its cold Outside

Friend Ashley stays warm in her fur coat.

Lonely Girl...

She's Waiting....

Blue Eyes

Friend Sam came over for a shoot

Cheesy Smile

Smile for the camera


Second look with Ashley

Motown Beauty

i think she looks a little motown in this photo.

Black and white smile

Photo shoot in the home with a friend

Musical Thoughts

My radio dj friend's first shoot.

Detroit Rep

Gm building sets the background for this portrait.

Headbands and Hoop Earrings

More of the shoot with Jessica.

For the love of music

Downtown ally sets the background.


80s style theme shoot i did for a radio personality in Florida.


Retro Clothes nobody knows

Bottoms Up

Shes almost ready.

Gypsy Princess

Where will the road take this one.

Early Morning Routine

Just a girl getting ready in the morning.

Wind in her hair

So cold that day.

Beauty in the Ally

80s baby.

80's Radio

Art meeting life.